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28 07 2009
Cordell 'Joker' Pace

I would like to be put on your mailing list for your upcoming events and I would also like to feature some of your artist on my internet radio show….contact me UCLARADIOJOKERPACE@SBCGLOBAL.NET and you can see more about my show at MYSPACE.COM/JOKERPACERADIOHOUR

18 06 2010
Lindsay Shelton

my name is Lindsay Shelton, and I am the Los Angeles representative and West Coast coordinator for a Charity Project called, “The Ladybug Project”. We are a small and independently funded organization helping to cultivate a portion of Africa known as Equatorial New Guinea through the use of small and local projects throughout the education and healthcare systems within Africa. I am writing to you because I am in the organizational process of putting together an art show here in the Los Angeles area, showcasing local African artists of all types (visual, music, and performing arts), as well as photography taken by the creator of The ladybug Project taken over the past year throughout the African heartland. Being that this is an independently funded organization, I am hoping to find a space that would enjoy being a part of a wonderful experience with little to no cost to the organization. I know this is a tall order, so please feel free to look over our press release, as well as the website. The creator, Kim Reuter, and I are hoping to put together this showcase by August as she will be in Los Angeles at that time. Please feel free to e-mail or call me with any questions or if you would be interested in seeing sample photography. Thank you so much for any and all help you can give, and I look forward to building a wonderful showcase with you!
Lindsay Shelton

23 12 2010
Eli Superapple

i’m trying to get into the next hollywood art walk or live art shoiwing
how do i get at petey?


17 01 2011
Sadie Wing

Hi, I’m an artist and recieved your business card last Saturday at an art show. I am very interested in becoming involved in your: community, events and shows!
Please let me know if interested!
-Sadie Wing

6 06 2011
Jimmy The Gun

hello, my names jimmy, i’m a visual artist living in the SFV in canoga park…i wanted to know how and what i can do to be featured in any of your upcoming events and art community…i can commute throughout L.A. and have an open schedule…i was also hoping i would be able to display 2-4 canvas’s at the upcoming hollywood art walk on the 20th of this month…i will understand if this won’t be possible due to the short notice….HOWEVER I am willing to take whatever steps necessary to do so, or to be in the next coming event….

Please message back with information and thank you for your time….

links to my work…



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