16 05 2011

“Work is love made visible” – Paulo Coelho
“Must not sleep, must warn others”- Aesop Rock

It’s been a chaotic and busy past few months, filled with non-stop making and creating, and frankly I’m in much need of a brain vacay, the dome piece has been scrambled and has been sitting under the heat lamps. 19 hour days dealing with dirty brushes and hands and a quick wash to do graphic design work for a small non-profit in Long Beach. But not to fret or complain I’ve been loving every moment of it.

So the big SOLO SHOW titled “Tangents Manifest” is getting close to being wrapped up and I hope that the folks who are taking the time to read this can make it out! June 3rd. Opening reception starts at 8pm.

520 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 252-8601

And for the first 30 attendees, you’ll receive a limited silk-screened print made exclusively for the show! We’re looking at 30+ new works and I’ll be selling a DVD titled ” Gramopheme” which is a collection of audio/visual mash-ups inspired by “Dark Side of Oz” (the curiously interesting synch of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” with the movie Wizard of Oz. You can check out some videos which will be on the DVD on the website to the left found under Projects -> Gramopheme.



jay oddzoo doronio




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