the oddzoo

6 07 2009

I’ve seen this kid grow & mature from graf artist doing tags on walls to gallery head liner. It is an honor to introduce Collective Aesthetics graphic artist, Jay Doronio. Born in Waimanalo, Hawaii, into a landscape of extraordinary beauty and a family whose talents span the spectrum of the creative arts, he began to draw and paint as a child. Upon moving to California, he was introduced to the sights and sounds of graffiti and hip hop. The vibrant power of these mediums has assisted in laying the foundations of his artwork today. You may also know Jay as “Oddzoo, a title inspired by the word “Gadzooks” and Sociology (the study of human social structure and activity).


Jay Doronio will take you over with a smile, and from that moment on you will continue discover how much your world has been improved by his presence in it. His work is born of things that come from every fold of everyday life (that is if you are living that life right); spending the day in the ocean, wandering around the city in the midst of morning, impersonating ODB in your sleep, showing the people you love how much you really love them, laying in bed with a beautiful woman, participating in drunken belligerent adventures, witty quips, the joy of silence, books, movies, music, all things and every thing, filtered in to sessions of mad making and creating.


doing work


to check out Oddzoo’s work in person go to Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art





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