the CAlifornia funk

3 07 2009

One night a couple of homees & myself cruise to our local drinking hole, the Scotland Yard, for a couple of beers. Until a random mix of peoples started setting up their instruments on this tiny stage in this cramped bar, I had no clue what they were about til they dropped the beat & I was hooked.
A hype MC over a funky sample is the simple formula that makes even the most uncoordinated booty move. As a result, the live band has always been a rarity in hiphop. But when a group can approach hiphop from the needle’s groove, playing themselves like the tastiest sampling of funk, jazz, or reggae, with an MC who flows like cats did in hiphop’s golden age, then you find yourself permeated by a musical energy that is a rarity in itself. This is the energy of the Simple Citizens. Anton De La VegaVocals & percussion, Sam Halterman-Drums, Jud McDaniel– Guitar, and Joe Reina– electric & upright basses, began playing together in 2001, and the group’s organic sound quickly awoke ears at respected Los Angeles hiphop shows like the Root Down, Bridges, and Soul Sessions. The group continued to tighten-up and strip-down their sound to the rawest groove, while Anton adeptly delivered everyday truth that continually resonated with listeners. In the fall of 2007, the Citizens brought Dan Byers – trumpet & Tonatiuh Hernandez – percussion, into the group’s sound and began preparing material for an album that would rub the sleep from the eyes of their listener’s minds.

With the dawning of 2008, the Simple Citizens went into the studio with a lineup both fresh and experienced, and a sound re imagined and classic. Early AM hours were spun away by tape reels, day jobs came and went, and autumn’s cool put the final touch on a recording process that began in winter. Just as the same sun rises on each new day, The Simple Citizens Present: Early Morning is a new approach to music grounded by the familiar warmth of old soul.

So I get word that they’re performing at the Rootdown & I just had to come out to support.


the rootdown never disappoints

good music is good for the soul & simple citizens is all GOOD!
cheers yall!




2 responses

3 07 2009

they are dope. seen em once at SY… intimate show. need to catch them in a bigger venue.

4 07 2009

umm hello… not groupies. GIRLFRIENDS!

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