the introduction

26 06 2009

Collective Aesthetics was the brain child of LA tattoo artist, Chris Paez, Viet Nguyen & myself. It first started off as a urban apparel company in 2005 with limited runs of graphic tees & custom hooded sweaters.


It got a lot of positive feedback but creative differences & different priorities put CA on hiatus. Chris went to open his own tattoo shop, the Dolorosa Tattoo Company, Viet went to design for The Hundreds & I went off to finish art school.

It’s 2009, I’ve graduated & I’m eager to finish what we started. With the addition of new designers & members, CA has grown into a full on art production company, emphasizing in illustration, furniture design, textiles, graphic design, apparel & photography. We are a group of individuals with different styles & techniques but we are united for one purpose, positive expression through versatile design.

We’re making it official with our first group show self titled, Collective Aesthetics.

Opening Reception
July 31st Friday night 7-10 pm
Santee Lofts Gallery
716 Los Angeles St
Los Angeles, California 90014

support your local artists,




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